Business Proposal♡

From Blind Date to falling in love hard !!

Business Proposal is kind of drama, which justifies the reason why I watch & love kdramas. A beautiful story with wonderful ending, emanating happy hormones ♡. It let’s you escape the reality and enter the happy zone where everything is soft & mush 🥰🥰. There were no unexpected plot twists or BP rising turn of events instead it was endearingly charming and wholesome entertaining. Just a simple rom com no sub plots or back tracks to distract…simply fake dating to falling in love hard and finding your happily ever after sums up the drama !!

It was after long time I came across such a stress free fluffy Kdrama. Where every week looked forward to 2 hours of laughter & happiness. Business proposal was like a breath of fresh air amidst ongoing thrillers & melodramas.

It was my happy pill stress buster drama and it will surely go in my fav list and it’s one of those dramas I would love to re watch & just be in dramaland ♡

As a story it might all the rom com cliches, tropes which we have seen in many previous rom coms and office romance kdramas …but still this drama had a unique freshness where you didn’t minded repetitive scenes & tracks. It was all cliches done right 👏👏

I loved the fact that throughout this had been light hearted and happy feeling drama. All characters were endearing and enjoyable in their own way. From drama lover Grandpa to Shin Hari colleagues… From Kang TaeMoo perfectionist to sweet quiet Sunghoo …ShinHari as GeumHi , her family.

A special mention to friendship of YeongSeo & Shin Hari would love to have their kind of friendship where one cheers up if other one is in feeling low. As friends always supporting each other in time of need.
Even TaeMoo & Sunghoo they also had friendship which goes beyond just being working in same company.


Drama was all about business proposal turning into serious natural love b/w TaeMoo & Shin Hari but Yeongseo & Sunghoo love track was equally beautiful. Sunghoo’s calmness & Yeongseo chaotic energy ….as individual they might be having different personalities but as a couple they supported each other and was always there for each other.

Overall it was a entertaining drama with more smiles and laughter …Will miss watching it.
Thank you to whole cast & crew for 6 weeks of happiness & romance.
Will look forward to meet them in their future projects.

Goodbye!! Archaeopteryx !! 🤣😅 will miss this cute clichéd drama which made days nicer & happier ♡.
Surely a recommended drama which will make your heart flutter and sweeten your day!

Happy Binging !! And this drama will surely keep that cute smile on your face throughout !!! 😊


Title : Business Proposal Native Title: 사내 맞선 year : 2022

Cast : Ahn Hyeoseop ; KimSejong ; Kim Minkyu ; Seol Inah ; Lee DeokHwa ; Choi Byungchan

Director: Park Seon Ho
Screenwriter: Han Sul Hee, Hong Bo Hee
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Type: Drama
Episodes: 12
Aired: Feb 28, 2022 – Apr 5, 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: Netflix SBS
Duration: 60 min.
Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older


Review of TwentyFive Twenty One drama

“The only thing I believe that will be constant in this world is gravity. I don’t believe in anything staying the same forever. Because believing in something like that sets expectations for how things should turn out. However, gravity is constant regardless of any expectations. That’s why I can believe only in gravity.” – Back Yijin

Yejin had given us hints since then that we should not set expectations about how things should be and things will stay the same forever for Yejin-Heedo…but we did expect a happy fairytale ending for this drama but it gave us a bittersweet ending which the majority of us were not expecting. No doubt ending was disappointing and heartbreaking for Yejin-Heedo shippers who wanted a happy end (like Me😭) …but as a drama, it was beautiful presenting the lives of youth in their 20s …where they have their share of challenges, they experience their first love, first heartbreak they transform from their teens to mature adults …learn life lessons… and grow up to be stronger individuals in future. 🙂🙂 

 As a fangirl, you wish for a smooth happy end for the lead couple, but this drama was never about just a love story of Yejin-HeeDo …it was about the journey, from 2521 to the present …how things were, how things changed for each character as individuals and as friends. In life, you never get things you love the most, people you Love in past, may or may not be part of your present, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore. You meet people in life, but you have to let them go for various reasons, but they leave you with memories that you cherish. When they become part of your life, they make that stage of your life worthwhile.

The love, respect care, and understanding, Yejin-Heedo had, will always be present even if they meet 20yrs later. They will always be part of each other’s memories of their beautiful youthful years. 

 Both will remember each other for the experience they had, the moments they shared which made them learn and grow and made them mature people today. They will always remember each other for making their 20s worthwhile as each other’s strength and support, they were there for each other, when no one else was. 

 2521, is the age where you face and take life-changing decisions personally and professionally. If you are in your 40s or 50s now and you look back to your 20s you will realize you are a much-changed individual. That’s what this drama was all about the journey of the characters from high school kids to adults chasing and finding their dreams and creating the future they desired. The title also justifies why Heedo’s husband is not revealed, coz drama was never about the “present”…it was always about the past and future how characters were in their 20s and how Minchae will shape up in her upcoming 20s, will write her own story, her future by giving up or pursuing ballet.

 HeeDo fulfilled her dream To be Fencer, Yejin made a successful future for himself, JiWoong found his love YooRim, and Seungwan led a life on her terms as she wanted. HeeDo and her mother bonded as Mom-Daughter, what they cudn’t in beginning. All found their respective goals, and leading contently, though I know drama was always about the past, still wanted to know how Yejin was doing in the present 🙂🙂 hope he is a happy man wherever he is, finally getting to be together with his parents and making up for all the lost years he spent alone. Hopefully, he is having a peaceful life and like HeeDo, he did find a partner and family to call his own.

Poor guy has worked his ass off and missed on his youth, gave up his dream just to reunite with his family. He missed on all the things boys did at his age, even a 5 min date with Heedo or a moment of love was a luxury for him.

 The only complain I have from drama is, that breakup came out of nowhere in the last epi …15 epis they build up a strong understanding. As a couple, Yejin & heedo had been the most understanding couple even in a long-distance relationship both were fine, they were fine when the other one made mistakes … they forgive each other, they fought they made up, they cared, respected each other, when one was feeling low other one motivated and gave strength, they gave space to each other, respected each other choices both were each other’s strength & support both didn’t want to be separated yet they did ….so break up felt like lame, it lost its weight. If they wanted a breakup track, they should have built up the base much earlier. As a viewer, I have no issues with them moving on in life and finding love again coz breakups might be painful but they are the reality of life…. but still break up should have a strong base too, like you can’t break up out of the blue. 600 days you are being a supportive partner and out of nowhere, you don’t see a future together. It was not just a crush or infatuation which got over…they had a strong bond from long before they started dating.

 The whole cast & crew did a wonderful job …Will look forward to seeing them again in their new characters. Thank you for the beautiful journey. The writer did a clever and well job in conceiving the character and keeping them close to reality, but Real life is already sad, wish writernim could have given happiness in the fiction world 😭😆 we deserve to see our fictional characters happy. 

 Drama does give you strength to move on, also making you realize to enjoy & cherish every moment of your present age, as you will never get a second chance to relive them …they will just be part of your memories, which you will look back and let the nostalgia wash over you. Irrespective of the ending, do remember what 15 episodes taught us about first love, friendship, youth, and growing up. Overall series was beautiful, full of life and enthusiasm. Drama gives you sadness, happiness, hopes, dreams, and motivation to follow your path.

So all youngsters make your youth enjoyable and memorable with noisy friends and passionate love. Hold on to things that matter and let go of things that hurt or stop you from achieving your dreams.

Have a memorable youth life who are in 2125 stage of their life.
Walk, Run, Fall, Rise, Grow, Dream, Enjoy life, Make memories to cherish.

We have the strength to get back up again. So, let’s be as frustrated as we want when things are tough. Let’s be sad as we want. And let’s get back up together.”

– Na Heedo

Let’s do our best. But I still hope that even if we fail, we’ll be strong enough to get back up again.” – Back Yijin


Genre: Romantic, Drama, coming of age
Synopsis: The series depicts the romantic life of five characters from 1998 to 2021. 
No. of episodes: 16
Starring: Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung
Written by: Kwon Do-eun
Directed by: Jung Ji-hyun
Original network: tvN, Netflix
Date: February 12 – April 3, 2022

-Atrangi RE-Review

This weekend watched a Hindi film after a long, specifically after years I watched a film just within a few days of release and with no specific expectations.
“Atrangi Re” is an okay film, not funnily weird as the title translates to, it’s a film you can watch just for fun, for the love triangle part, or simply just to kill your curiosity of how these three characters come together. It is a watchable fare,

Don’t expect something out of the box, or extraordinary to happen, first 15 mins into the story and you can easily guess the end. But having said that, the concept it revolves around is interesting, films on such topics are usually serious, when dealing with mental health, as it highlights PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), but the writer managed to keep it light-hearted and simple. It doesn’t go on preaching mode, but it becomes an integral part of the story where the whole issue is handled with sensitivity.

Dhanush, it was my first experience watching him and without doubt, he is a show-stealer, he was impressive and for no reason needed you just end up liking Vishu, he suited the character perfectly. People who are his fans from down south or who might have seen him in Ranjhana would agree that he is a wonderful actor irrespective of the language difference he portrayed Vishu convincingly, and because Vishu was a South Indian character, he was a more perfect choice as Vishu. A special mention to his happiness when he knows about Sajjad, his dance in the washroom, is my fav part …and of course, his love confession in Tamil, didn’t need any subtitles for it, his acting was enough for anyone to understand. He was so impressive that there were scenes where he has no dialogues and he easily communicates with his silences and eyes.

Sara, for her also, I was watching her first time and she was amazing in her character, Rinku was opposite to her offscreen image of always a soft-spoken and elegant girl. Sara did work hard to get that rustic vibe to her character and her efforts should be appreciated. She did indeed go all out for her character. She convincingly became Rinku, especially how she got the language fluency and diction right. Rinku overshadowed Sara.
It is full-on Dhanush and Sara’s film, you can’t help but ship them from the very first go, as for Akshay he was simply Akshay, he gave different magic to the story and he suited to be a magician. He adds that Bollywood starry appeals to the film. It’s commendable how they smartly covered up the age gap issue and did their best to justify the age gap b/w Akshay and Sara and the audience the thought doesn’t even cross your mind to notice the age difference.

Overall story was 3/5 because it could have been much better sharper, crispier. Could make out writer wanted to keep the serious issue light, but it could have been realistic when came to treating the disorder.
I would have loved to see more moments of Rinku falling in love with Vishu, and also more freedom on Sajjad’s part to accept Vishu. Also wanted a few more scenes of Rinku realizing Vishu’s love for her, coz he has done a lot for her “Biwi” despite the fact, it was zabaradasti shaadi.

A special mention to Rehman Sir, music it was “Chaka Chak” not only just topping the charts but also “Tere Rang”, Rait Zara si, is a musical treat, and wordgasm lyrically “Murli ki dhun sun Radhike”.

Vishu makes Vish(u), find a hopelessly romantic boy for yourself. The way he loves Rinku, and he fell head over heels for her. Vishu does not deserve “little little Love” but all the more love.

Have fun watching!!

Film: Atrangi Re

Star Cast: Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar

Release date:24 December 2021
Running time: 137 minutes

Available on : Disney Hotstar

-Dinner Mate to Soul Mate-

A romance drama about two ppl having dinner together and falling in love as if they were riding a dinner.

This had been one of dramas I had waited for since its teasers as it had looked promising enough… Haekyung Dohee journey from being dinner mate to soulmates have been incredibly heart fluttering ….Dinner Mate matches all the expectations one has of a Rom-Com….its different from usual kdrama cliches of loner chaebol male lead & poor girl …Or completely opposite natured main leads… instead “Dinner mate” as a plot focuses on journey of two individuals who come together just out of sheer coincidence…& slowly bond over unexpected meetings, not only sharing favourite meals but also their emotional hurdles that have left scars ingrained on their hearts…

It sets you on a slow pace journey of main leads…which is not boring, story progresses like a fine wine where more you savor & appreciate the aroma, better it tastes 🍷…It shows class from a simple plot story that gets your attention and be drawned to it….Each & every character has a story to tell that unfolds little by little….simple yet convincing…characters got their happiness in lives which they deserved ❤ For ppl who going through break up, or experienced heart break from first love …drama gonna be little soothing for them, & will help them to learn to move on & find a love that we call destiny…Its a relaxing & calm drama.

Overall drama had been light hearted with sweet romance to warm your heart …Haekyung (Song Seung-heon) & Do Hee(Seo Ji-Hye)have been wonderful in their characters….JiHye is refreshing in this role as her acting skills is out of the box fun & quirky…as for Song Seung-heon , I don’t think i need to mention he has been very neat & handsome psychiatrist, charismatic, professional, & charming in his role…❤❤

The best part of main leads relationship had been that both Hae Kyung & Do Hee were crystal clear about their newly found acquaintanceship ….both were like open book to each other, they knew each others good & bad phase, which reduced the possibility of misunderstanding arising as both were aware abt each other & right from start both started off with an unknown comfort level where two just started meeting to have food together, but got strangely comforted by each other, inspite of not even knowing each other….

I like coincidental connections between main leads & focusing on fateful encounters as the means of development of relationships…where gradually they understand each other & eventually fall in love 💕….Most importantly, it was beautiful how they were emotional support for each other, which goes beyond hugs & kisses…they both needed each other as a person whom they can trust & lean on when things get tough… I liked how DoHee was there when Hae Kyung lost his mother, it was she who cheered him up.

Apart from main leads, I liked the parallel track of Nam AeYoung & Keanu 😆😆 they had their own b’ful love track going …how I liked there scenes & both bonding with each other & falling in love ….. Really loved how their relationship developed 💙 they progressed in relationship faster than main leads 🤣….Keanu was charming in his own way, even before it was revealed he was psychiatrist 🙂

Jung JaeHyuk & No eul were good in there characters as pathetic evil Exes, that they deserved to be hated 🤣🤣🤣 they have been so problematic second leads but glad both Haekyung & DoHee overcame those hurdles 💪🙂till very end i never trusted JaeHyuk & Noeul…was always suspicious of them creating some new problem.

Whole cast did really good job portraying their characters no matter how charming, cute, funny & annoying the characters were, the cast did well playing them…👏

This drama surely goes in recommended drama lists…as its a fun series to watch storyline, plot unfolds in a way that it keeps you in suspense but a giddy good feeling… there are parts that makes the story interesting and fun….specially cameos by actors …& a special mention to CLOY references 🤣🤣Do-hee’s past life …

Almost everything is surreal – from the different roles played by the actors and actresses, the scenarios, the setting an plot…it keeps you interested in drama…I liked how an episode doesn’t stay serious for long there are good light moments at regular intervals. …I enjoyed the drama,there were few things which i didn’t liked– annoying exes getting more screen space, writernim was being unfair, by involving the ex’s too much from the beginning till the end of the show that it got so annoying after a certain point, I might have dropped the drama too… Also the dramatic car accident in final stages of drama, it wasn’t required… but still I am glad, I stuck with drama till the end….didn’t dropped it mid way…it made me more happy than sad it was enjoyable & its just a drama at end of day, it doesn’t need to be perfect or realistic, with so much uncertainty & sadness, stress in real life, once in a while, we need such cheesy cliche dramas, in which few weak points or loopholes can be easily ignored….For me, Happy endings make forgive all the hiccups & loopholes in story….

The unfolding of story is b’ful…the accurate balance of romance, comedy, emotions … makes for a winning drama….it will be worth a watch….as its a happy vibe & relaxing Drama 🥰🥰…&Haekyung marriage proposal was heart fluttering 💕🥰…

Dinner mate is a warm & simple love story of two ppl actually finding their soulmate….its a feelgood, heart warming drama, which you can indulge in when just craving for a simple soft kdrama…❤❤ Can be watched just for the fun of watching it 🥰

p.s.- What should I do to find a man like Haekyung? 🥰🥰🥰 he is such a dream boyfriend, any girl can ask for …how warm & understanding he had been throughout ❤❤ since very first day HaeKyung had been there for DoHee… This man had me smitten wanting a cute relationship. …🤣 Song Seung-heon is ridiculously hot 🥰🥰🥰🔥 his arms are so beautiful.💙💙…He such a charmer …..looking forward to swoon over him all over again 🥰🥰🥰


  • Drama: Dinner Mate (English title) / Would You Like To Have Dinner Together (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo
  • Hangul: 저녁 같이 드실래요
  • Director: Ko Jae-Hyun
  • Writer: Park Shi-In (webcomic), Kim Joo
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: May 25, 2020
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Is Love enough SIR

Two individuals connect with each other… irrespective of the barriers & different backgrounds.

Over the years, have stopped watching hindi films, so its been after a long time I watched a hindi film…I am glad I made a decision to watch it …for me it was surprising to see a well made film which was heart warming & blissful to watch….It was not a regular bollywood film with anything filmy or song dance things included… instead it was a simple & warm story set inside the confinements of the humongous skyscrapers in Mumbai….how a beautiful relationship grows b/w Ashwin Sir (Vivek Gomber) & Ratna (Tillotama Shome), the maid servant …
The whole film is more abt the characters…than a particular genre…

Story was not just about their budding romance …but it was slow & gradual progression & how coming from completely different backgrounds, these two formed mutual appreciation…it was very subtly presented how Ratna’s hopefulness & Ashwin’s lack off things brought them closer unconsciously, I liked the scene where Ratna, motivates Ashwin, coz everyone else around Ashwin was advising him opposite…it was only Ratna who advised him to move on “duniya Khatam nahi hoti” & Ashwin actually realises how dejected he is at his life just because of a broken relationship…Two of them have restricted love which blooms while mending each other in very selfless manner…Two completely different people came together seamlessly as they go through day to day life, their dreams, disappointments, emotions in a confined space which really dwells on how they grow within this house they inhabit….Both of them are ideal to let each other grow… they dont come in each others way, Ratna quitely continues her work & Ashwin leads on his daily life…but inspite of having their individual lives they end up being silent support to each other.

I loved the character portrayals of both Ashwin & Ratna …. Ashwin, was an understanding Sir, he was not a rude or pricky as a person…he has pleasing warm personality…he is a nice guy – Simple, straight-forward and occasionally lost. But when he is sure abt something, he wouldn’t take anyone’s shit…once he decides something he doesn’t care abt anything else, once he realised his feelings for Ratna, he was ready to accept her & face anything & everything, he didn’t cared abt societal prejudices. As for Ratna, she might look soft docile, but emotionally she had been independent & as Ashwin Sir said, she is “brave”… brave enough for herself for chasing & working hard for her dreams & also brave enough to survive all alone & standing up for herself…She felt herself liberated in city life….she was no damsel in distress who needed a “Hero” to save her.

My fav scene of two of them was when they bring gifts for each other, it was subtle hints of them unconsciously falling for each other…specially Ashwin’s cherishing Ratna’s gift was the beautiful part….Both Ratna & Ashwin have limited share of scenes where they spend few minutes together, but still we can see romance brewing underneath those little scenes.

Its a story, which could have turned into a story where showing a romantic relationship b/w Sir & Maid could have bring in negative comments or criticism…but Rohena Gera, as a director & writer dealt with the concept sensitively & beautifully. It was not just about two of them falling in love, but it was much beyond just a love story, It was about Ratna having her own aims and ambitions, & she working hard for her journey of fulfilling those dreams which she dreamt about and envisioned for herself….she was confident of herself & was capable enough to make a future for herself 😊😊

A blooming romance b/w rich & poor is nothing new concept for bollywood there had been films in past, we have seen rich boys falling for poor girls & vice versa…most of which were typical masala films, and unrealistic….but what makes this film different is that its more close to real…the situations in film, are more realistic…something that can really happen…& it raises the realistic question too, like Ratna raised it, will society accept the relationship…how Ashwin gonna face his parents, his friends everyone…Ashwin-Ratna love had boundaries, the class differences they had don’t just decide how people love; but also how they act…like Ratna was different with her friends…& when around Ashwin, she was always working quietly…calm & composed.

Film raises a valid question Are we willing to let go of our class-consciousness and embrace it? The film exposes a lot of prejudices which a lot of us are guilty of having…. which really shouldn’t exist. But they do exist within…which was presented by Ashwin’s friend who stops him & really questions him ” you can’t date your maid”…The story deals with prejudices which are present in all of us whether in an overt fashion or in a subtle way….

Overall loved the film, it was worth watching, There was nothing extraordinarily new in the story, nor much romance…& it has an open end which is left for audience to guess or assume if lead couple got together or not…What I appreciated that romance wasn’t forced, like Sir & Maid fell in love passionately & were going around kissing…There was gradual growth of their relationship, even with less words they understood each other….I would have loved to see two of them getting a single scene towards the end…😊

Its a charming film in its own, with optimistic & humanistic in nature & content…which leaves you with a warm feeling, with Ashwin Ratna as characters glide into your heart & remain there 💙 Its a moving & elegantly crafted love story set across the fault lines of class…I am sucker for such silent& heartwarming romances.

Do watch it…& have a wonderful time!Surely will be worth watching.

p.s.- as an audience I am always hungry for such good films, which make your heart flutter …ppl who have watched it will understand how beautiful film is…& who haven’t watched it …you surely missing out on a beauty…Keeping fingers crossed that there will be a sequel for film… Ashwin-Ratna meeting years later…😛😛 Ratna becoming successful designer & she crosses path Ashwin at a fashion week 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

p.p.s- Crushing over Vivek 🥰🥰🥰…how good-looking he is & his husky voice….
Specially when as Ashwin he used to call Ratna 💕💕

FILM : Is Love Enough? Sir
Release Year : March 2020
Trailer :
Available on : Zee5
PRODUCER: Rohena Gera, Brice Poisson
RUNTIME:99 min
LANGUAGE: Hindi, Marathi
CAST: Ahmareen Anjum, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni

-A parallel Universe- King Eternal Monarch

No one can deny this drama had been one of most anticipated dramas of 2020, being Lee Minho’s comeback & him pairing up with Kim Goeun for first time …they have shared brilliant chemistry as first time co actors.

Story wise drama it had been confusing initially, as it takes you time to figure out how things work in both worlds & how actually the whole process of travel b/w two parallel world happens. This drama coming from same writer of Goblin, DOTS … kind of made it easier to get hang of things as you know kind of storyline you expect from writer. More happier to have a beautiful & happy ending 🙂🙂

As an audience, you will enjoy the story unfolding epi by epi, most importantly its a drama worth binge watching, coz waiting a week for unraveling mystery is difficult, drama requires lot of use of brain cells… 😀 overall loved the plot, though, I have my own confusion at few things, as how exactly dots joined (hopefully I will figure out eventually)..For certain situations, I am still confused as how timeline gets on sequence & in sync with what we saw from first epi till Lee Gon time travelling…if past changed, so as present & future shud have changed too…I wud like to believe, they created an alternate timeline that existed only up to the villain getting killed…..personally I felt there are still loopholes left, some things unexplained….but still its better than having an open ended finale….or a tragic ending….its always better to leave some questions unanswered than witnessing a sad ending 😁😁

Inspite of all confusions, Loved the grandeur of Kingdom of Corea , it was so dreamy …while watching it actually feels like Alice in wonderland….I like the concept of the story about the parallel world…The visuals are absolutely insane, just like a movie…the sleek styling of the drama will make you feel a cinematic experience…I like such intriguing dramas, which keep me guessing of all possible theories….it makes me invested in storyline 🙂🙂

MinHo & Goeun chemistry has been amazing, specially during initial episodes …must say she had been lucky girl onscreen in both Goblin & King …she got head over heels loverboys. She got to be “Goblin’s bride” -Who could open doors to any place in this world. Here, she got be a Queen of a King, Who can open doors to universe to be with her …♥️♥️♥️

Lee Gon’s tender gazes towards Tae Eul are so noticeable, he has that longing in his eyes, he has been looking for her for 25 years & he always looks like he is mesmerized by her presence or any little affection she gives him, they both act really well with their eyes, they nailed the eye contact romantic scenes so much you can’t help but notice it. Their hugs and kisses are so raw and intense…you enjoy their romantic track

A special mention to rest of cast too…they have been amazing in their characters in both worlds & its really appreciable how same actors played drastically different characters … specially Woo Dohwan (as Eun Seop & Jo Yeong) he was the show stealer in both… how I expecting two of them meeting again as they promised each other…

Though Lee Lim (Lee JungJin) was a villain, still I liked his screen presence…he gave tough fight to Lee Gon…As a villain, Lee Lim gave those scary chills, where you fear him, hate him…but appreciate his evil smartness to plan ahead of Lee Gon & are equally curious to know his next move 😍😍

Overall I was say it’s 8/10, in beginning you might feel its a a complicated story-kdrama…. But the beautiful finale makes it worthwhile 🤭…it ended so beautifully…..& my fav part from ep 11😍😍where Lee Gon saves TaeUl ..everything was perfect for the scene … the OST “Orbit” by HwaSa❤❤ …ost itself is love ❤

Video credit: SBS all ©️ reserved by SBS

Thank you The King Eternal Monarch, The cast, the team….& Writernim, for giving everyone their deserved happy ending…😊😊

Quoting Lee Gon : thanks to you saw something b’ful 🥰🥰

p.s.-to everyone who involved in bringing this drama together…thank you 🙂🙂

  • Drama: The King: Eternal Monarch
  • Revised romanization: Deo King: Youngwonui Gunjoo
  • Hangul: 더 킹: 영원의 군주
  • Director: Baek Sang-Hoon
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 17 – June 12, 2020
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

-Hospital Playlist-

Hospital Playlist, tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999…& work at same Yulje Medical center

This drama had been one of those which I started without expectations…. I was just looking forward to it as next regular medical drama I am going to watch…. but it had been completely a surprise package for me…it had gone beyond expectations. It was a worth watching drama which I had planned it to watch only for Yoo YeonSeok, but gradually got close to whole group of friends & most of the characters of YULJE Medical Centre…

Since had watched one of the drama from Reply series, so kind of knew what to expect from storyline …one of the wholesome dramas I have watched after long…it was not just a regular medical drama with complicated medical cases, but it was more Abt life of docs …every individual have their own b’ful story to tell both romantically & emotionally…Even the patient cases give you a lesson of loss, hope & second chances with simple & poignant stories depicting family, love, life & humanity.

A simple sweet drama which most importantly teaches you about friendship & relationship, how you should be understanding when in love (JunWan-IkSun)…How to be patient & calm in life (Ik-JunSongHwa)… Love needs to grow, love needs commitment …love is where we learn from each other (JeongWon-Gyeul) ….This drama teaches you a lot abt life…it’s full of lessons about love, friendship & family… Each character teaches you a life lesson as individuals …but biggest lesson it teaches you, is to follow your passion, do what you “LIKE” in life, it’s important to take out time from your busy life, to do things which you like…same way group of five friends did…they might have been 24*7 busy doctors busy saving lives, taking care of patients … But they took out time for their band, their love for music their individual hobbies… Their busy schedule didn’t stopped them from enjoying simple pleasures of life.

That is why, overall loved the drama as it was a fine balance between medical cases & background stories for each character, but more than anything loved the precious bond of 5 friends, how they had each other’s back all over the years & always were there for each other in happiness & sadness, their jokes & their bond its so priceless…. this drama gave us enviable friendship which everyone wants ☺️☺️☺️…induvidually they have been different personalities but when together they are one strong group…also loved their band performance at end of every episode…

(Credit to original artist )

Yoo YeonSeok, had always seen him playing fun loving romantic character, it was a quite surprise to see him planning to be priest…. Was happiest to have him a happy ending with Gyeo-ul…so finally she managed to beat God 😛 …

JeongWon had been always soft & silently considerate towards her, Sometimes we don’t need a word to express the love, he never need to tell anything….All his friends can see through Jeong Won. …he had been the most transparent person & easy to access… Loved the moment when JunWan finds his drawer empty. It was not a secret anymore…. In second season I can already imagine RoSa Ommoni smiling ear to ear seeing her son found love…

IkJun (Cho JungSuk) had been my favorite crackpot in the group, thanks to him I never had a dull moment in the drama, he was like life of whole group & drama as a whole…When the character was introduced I had expected him to be a serious kind of doctor, but he had been surprise element…. Ik Jun is the guy we all need in our life as a friend, someone who loves us, father and a doctor….& always there for us.

Was hoping to see him getting happy end with SongHwa, hopefully he will complete his long time love story in second season…. Hope brother sister will be officially couple with their respective loved ones in next season.
Kim Jun-Wan (Jung kyungHo) the oddball among the friends, he had been an adorable character, specially after falling in love…he had been a wonderful & considerate boyfriend…
Jeon Mi-do as Chae Song-hwa, has been brilliant, she was quite understanding & sensible friend in the group…Kim Dae Myung, as Yang Seok-hyung was the silent member in the friend group but he was lovable in his own way, how I liked he was close to his mother & always stayed beside her.


Had enjoyed watching this drama as it has been brilliant & beautiful…sweet & wonderful….it will surely go in recommending list… and cannot wait for the next seasons with this fabulous cast, director, and writer… it has been a wonderful treat to watch this drama….

Credits: “Thanks for watching Hospital Playlist.”

Me: Thanks for the cast and crew for giving such an amazing drama which worth waiting for a year… PD Shin and Writer Lee and the whole team of Hospital Playlist….a big Thank you for bringing this drama alive, the casts, the stories, the soundtracks and everything in this drama gives us heart-warming and a very touching story about the life of the doctors, the staff in hospital, the patients story… it’s a drama worth watching, surely one of best of this season….& by far best of 2020.

Hospital Playlist will surely be a beautiful memory!!!!


See you again in 2021 ☺️☺️☺️💙💙💙💙

-Crash Landing on You- Love Across border ❤️

A beautiful South Korean heiress paraglides into the North, where she meets handsome soldier.
The two fall in love !!

Crash Landing on You* have to be one of my fav rom coms this season & first fav of 2020 😊😊…
initially  was planning to binge watch it once it ends, but after first two epis, got hooked to the show, & watched it weekly to know how two star crossed lovers progress in their relationship & Destiny pens down story ❤️❤️….Drama was just so addictive! The plot as a whole had the right dose of rom-com, heartwarming gestures, witty dialogues and action….Every episode ended on such a cliffhanger that kept you restless for the rest of the week until Saturday came to take the edge off….

Ri Jeonghyuk & SeRi love story is no accident or coincidence but it was destiny & Serendipity….how they changed each others life… ❤️❤️…like Jeonghyuk said, Not coincidence but Destiny brought them together …& Both together made their love beautiful & fought all odds…to be honest, I was little scared of ending…as generally for such complicated cross border love stories having a beautiful end is most difficult….frankly I had thought they will not be together cuz of their country or they might die, or just fall apart …Ending cud have been more better with couple settling forever, in different country ….but still I was satisfied with a end they got 😊🤗

The main leads romance is so cliche yet so pure & enjoyable to watch that the cliche aspect wouldn’t even stop you from liking it….I like how the characters were not cliched   with male lead being super rich, cocky and rough, & the girl being poor & soft….& This time it was the guy was pure & innocent in love & girl who was strong….


Hyunbin as Jeonghyuk will have you enamored, he would make any man next to him look bad…..he is typical charming male protagonist, for whom girls fall for …he is handsome & a true gentleman…. A perfect boy friend material who not only adores & cherishes his girl unconditionally…. but is pro at household chores too…He can make his own fresh noodles, roast coffee beans & improvise a bathtub…. You ask him…&  He will be there for you as your problem solver… Jeonghyuk might be a  by-the-book soldier ….but he is a softie when it comes to Se-ri….Jung-hyuk does not think indulging a woman is a weakness.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍…. he is a tough soldier with a warm heart….Hyunbin really brought character to life….

A special mention to subtle transformation in Jeonghyuk when he is with SeRi, he becomes that teenage kid, who was used to be pampered by his big Brother, but with turn of unfortunate incidents he lost on those years of fun side of youth ….but with SeRi he was that lost young guy, who wants to be pampered & have useless banters & want to enjoy simple joys of life.
Jeonghyuk might be one of  kindest man I’ve ever seen in any narrative…Hyun Bin developed him &  made us believe that such a man can exist.

Son YeJin as Yoon SeRi is charming herself…she might come across as carefree rich heiress but she is emotional girl inside who seeks Love & wants to be loved….❤️…She literally nailed her role as badass, funny heiress…

When these two beautiful came people came  together…they created magic…the chemistry b/w both was the biggest charms of the drama….Chemistry is so impeccable it makes you ship them HARD❤️

Definitely in a rom com main leads take the complete attention….but for this drama each & every character had been interesting….be the neighbours in North Korea, Capt Ri’s teammates who grew fond of SeRi ….
Jeonghyuk’s fiance has been a smart independent girl ….SeRi’s family back home, her staff who loved her respected her. …. Each character made it presence felt in the story…


A special mention to Geo SeoJun he had been surprise element…from almost being a bad boy beginning he ended up winning more hearts …he had been a guy with heart of gold…how I wished to see him getting his happy end…. He genuinely deserved it ….

The cameos were great. The rest of the supporting cast was awesome. …

A cross border love story is never easy, specially for neighbors who don’t share much cordial relations ….It really becomes tough for  writers to keep the story as close to real & be as unbiased as possible…..

No doubts main characters of Jeonghyuk & Yoon SeRi have been charming in themselves that keep you hooked to the show, but a special mention to writernim, how brilliantly & smartly dealt a cross border love story gracefully  …. there was no blame game, or belittling the neighbor & showing self as best, there was no point or stage in drama which cud have been controversial or anti national for either side of border ….

Even the interrogation & investigation scenes, where Jeonghyuk & his team gets caught, specially those scenes were more brilliant as they weren’t shown disgraceful or torturous….like generally people expect….

I liked how a sensitive story was conceptualized, which ended smoothly….inspite of being a fictional story writernim managed to keep story close to reality….Also , final epi managed to tie up all loose ends, giving an emotional but satisfying conclusion for all our characters and their story lines….no single character was left out….


Will definitely miss watching this beautiful love story of Capt Ri Jeonghyuk & Yoon SeRi & I wud keep the beleif that both leading a happy love life in Switzerland with twins & growing old together  as Capt Ri dreamed ….

Series as a whole had been satisfying & worth watching experience, this drama will surely go down my fav & recommendation list the characters, the situations… also the sadness, pain the characters suffer later throughout gave an opportunity to characters to convey variety of emotions…..making it a wholesome drama….The story line was seamless, from lead actors to second lead….to whole supporting cast….
It deserved all the hype & love & ratings this drama acheived ….

Congratulations to whole team 🎉👏👏..for making Love win over all odds as

❤️Love knows no borders❤️

Njoy watching 

P.S.-If I had to summarize & tempt fangirls to watch this drama in one scene/phrase…. I would say:


HYUN BIN’S POUT!!!!!!!!!!😝


  • Drama: Crash Landing on You / Love’s Emergency Landing (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Sarangui Boolshichak
  • Hangul: 사랑의 불시착
  • Director: Lee Jung-Hyo
  • Writer: Park Ji-Eun
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

-Mood of the Day – Korean movie

By chance, a man and a woman meet on the KTX train and spend 24 hours in the unfamiliar city of Busan, South Korea.

You might actually slap the person, if a strange guy starts flirting you right from moment he meets you… (Exactly what happened in credits scene of film)

“Mood of day”, south Korean romantic movie had been on my watchlist since long…a light hearted, feel good you can watch for fun…

Storywise it’s nothing extraordinary, we might have come across similar storylines many times…but it was delight to see how just a single day starts a  new journey for two individuals JaeHyun  (Yoon YeonSeok) & SooJung(Moon ChaeWon) from being strangers to lovers…


Main leads YeonSeok & ChaeWon had unmissable perfect chemistry which brought beauty to the story….they made such a beautiful onscreen pair, their effortless chemistry was highest point of movie…pretty obvious throughout the movie. The way they look at each other as the movie progresses is electrifying…..loved how it was a gradual process of trusting & loving each other ….

My fav part of film was, JaeHyun’s transformation from the non commitment guy to effortless & unconsciously falling for SooJung …❤️
Yoo Yeon Seok played Jae Hyun in such a way that he can be all loving and sexy yet frustrating 🤣… For all Jae-hyeon’s charms, it’s honestly really difficult to come up with an overall appraisal of the man any more flattering than “mildly gross” & No offence 😝😝 but JaeHyun is actually a bastard if you think carefully, he casually sleeps with any women that catches his interest and even forgets the women he has slept with… Without any regrets or anything..& You may want to kick him for seeing women as so easy & just seeing them for one nights….but it took one day to meet one girl & change him for life….

What took my heart was JaeHyun’s note for SooJung ….”I wish we cud make “that day” everyday”……❤️❤️
The happy end to film make you realize that love moves in mysterious ways & make you believe in “destiny” you just need to be patient and wait for God perfect time* 

Overall, I enjoyed watching the movie as it gives  good-feeling vibes…..Acting and dialogues in this movie makes an ordinary plot into an excellent movie.

Yoo Yeon Seok is so cuddly sexy he did justice to his character ….only thing I wud have loved to see more Abt background of JaeHyun, that wud have helped in relating more with his character.

A special mention to  Ed Sheeran’s song “photograph”  being part of movie….the song went so well with the basic theme of thde film….it fitted so perfectly to the simple mood that the movie 

Watching the film, will surely make your Mood for the day!!! It will surely leave you with a fuzzy warm feeling in your heart ….This is one of those movies that you’ll watch and re-watch …..

Njoy watching 

-Mere Pass Tum Ho-

The story of Mere Paas Tum Ho revolves around couple, Mehwish and Danish, whose marriage ends as Mehwish chooses an affluent man Shehwar over Danish. starring Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Hira Mani and Savera Nadeem in pivotal roles

“Mere pass tum ho” is a drama, which had been only urdu drama I had followed since I started Kdramas 😂🤣🤣…& It has been a drama, I had followed since first epi & have enjoyed it throughout, alongwith all the discussions & memes which created the whole buzz around the drama🤣🤣…at no point regretted watching it.

It had been gripping drama, which managed to keep audiences hooked, be it with it’s dialogues & wonderful performances …every next episode was eagerly awaited….

After a long time, I came across a drama, which had one aesthetic taste grasped by sharp & catchy dialogues & steller performances by whole cast.

As a story, it was a brave attempt to flip the other side of coin, that too in a prime time slot, which is dominated by majority female audience…the story glorified a man’s role to the unbelievable altar, making you beleive Man cud be so good, so soft,so loyal, so emotional …& So large hearted to give freedom to wife to walk out of marriage with no questions asked… A husband who allows a wife to have a freedom to walk out of relationship, just because she feels she can’t stay with him.

It is surprising & really commendable how the producer & director have managed a script on the subject of the extramarital affair or vivid illicit relations of a married woman for viewers…where majority wud stand up with feminist points to disagree.. I wud appreciate for the attempt.

The proudly (un)biased fangirl in me 🤣🤣 can’t refrain herself, that the winning factor in this drama serial is “Humayun Saeed”…..He plays the role of such a sweet & caring husband that any wife will feel proud to possess. He believes that he is on top of the world because his wife is with him….His belief is shattered. His expression of innocence is so vivid that you love him….& Just fall for his innocence 🥰🥰…. Not to take credit away from other actors be it Ayeza khan as Mehwish & Adnan Siddiqui as Shahwar …& Every other actor who played their characters with perfection ..right from Monty to Salman to Maham, to Mateera to Hania to Mateen Saab & the biggest little star of the drama the charming adorable Roomi 😊😊 Who won hearts of everyone… They had been commendable in their characters…they made their characters look so convincing with their brilliant performances.


Coming to the climax 😊 don’t know about others, for me it was the most acceptable & justified end ….even if people beleived that perfect end wud been Danish marrying Hania, or accepting back Mehwish …but out of all options the end was the most apt end…. As there was no logical reason to expect Danish to forgive & accept her back

Was Mehwish’s identity only a mother & a cheating wife ?? She was a modern educated independent woman …

Even if she made a wrong decision & cheated Danish for Shahwar & later when  left alone by Shahwar…which she never expected but still, if things went wrong with her & Shahwar, that didn’t gave her the right to go back to Danish.

Did she expected Danish wud be back to normal with him forgiving & accepting her back….& They will live happily ever after as if nothing happened ….agreed, ppl do come together after divorce, even after separation couples unite but it always happens mutually…
Here, it was all Abt Mehwish’s zidd, her wishes….when she wanted to cheat, she cheated when she wanted to come back she wanted Danish to accept her back…she never thought from Danish’s point of view, whether He wanted to accept her back or not, Mehwish created pressure from all sides from friends, from kid so that Danish gives in the pressure…. I do sympathise with Mehwish, whatever happened to her was wrong, & she genuinely might be regretting her mistakes, but at end of the day, she shud have left it for Danish to decide what he wants to do….whether to accept or not …

She shud not have pressurised Danish for acceptance …After seeking forgiveness she shud have just thought of moving on in her life…. She was educated, mature & capable to be  independent, she didn’t needed a Man’s support to give her an identity …. She cud have easily moved on, find a stable job & worked hard to make herself stronger, she shud hav focussed on fulfilling her dreams of having big house, big car or whatever her dreams were….May be in process she wud have found Love all over again…She might have found a right guy for herself whom she will love whole heatedly & wud have have loved her back as she desires…She cud have found her happily ever after with someone else too…

She shud have also allowed Danish to move on too…infact she shud have appreciated how Danish acheived so much in little time & single handedly looked after Roomi too, ofcourse Haniya teacher came in picture later but it was always Danish & Roomi for each other… Mehwish shud have realised how strongly Danish made it through alone….

A person who cudn’t even think of living without his wife, not only allowed her to walk out of his life but also came a long way living alone. Even while seeking revenge Danish only harmed Shahwar, he never went hateful towards Mehwish, neither made Roomi hate his mother.

I personally don’t think, a drama’s ending shud always b about a happy or sad end ….or punishing who did wrong, it shud be  how characters emerge out stronger after things go wrong … For this drama specifically, the climax wasn’t a fight b/w right or wrong …or Danish forgiving or what gonna be  punishment for Mehwish….ppl do make mistakes in life, be it a man or woman but it’s for them how they redeem themselves.

Infact on deeper side, more than drama being against women it was more of a eye opener for Men, it was lesson for them that if women does something wrong, there is no need to raise hand on her or be physically abusive….infact, a women shud be given full freedom to choose what she wants to do, even if she wants to Divorce her husband…& Walk out of a relationship where she doesn’t feels deserving enough to be tied into…

Drama was also a reality check for men , to make them realise what women go through when their husbands cheat on them, how insufferable it gets for Women….
Men are not as strong & forgiving like women…they might find death to be easier & peaceful…whereas Women not only survive through such situations…but they emerge out stronger for their kids, for family….& at some point forgive & accept their husbands back.

In my personal opinion, it was a perfect ending for the drama… Though it was sad & heartbreaking but I wudn’t have liked Danish ending with Hania too, as it wud have been criticised as an unfair end…& Neither I wud have liked Danish accepting Mehwish, coz it wud have been a harsher punishment for Danish himself, as he cud have never loved Mehwish the same & things cud have got complicated.

He loved her so much that he cud never hate her….He had forgiven her…but didn’t had the heart to accept her back & be normal again….& Live like nothing happened…
He stayed true to his words, “tumhare bina jee nahi sakta”….Mehwish leaving him was Danish’s biggest pain, he wud have forgiven her if she had stayed back when she had an option to choose b/w Danish & Shahwar.

It had been a wonderful journey with MPTH…will look forward to have more such brave attempt presenting both sides of stories ….why all dramas need to be from women perspective….Men also need to have their share of drama 💪🏼😝….

Looking forward to fangirl over Humayun Saeed all over again 🥰🥰…